Sunday, 10 October 2010

me by me

As I was about to type this post, I remembered an essay we did in first year where you had to write about yourself, and title it ME BY ME.  So I thought that's what I'd call this post :)

My name's Megan, and I live in Scotland.  It's an alright place, a bit too much rain and young teams and the like.  But it is also very nice indeed, so yeah I like it :)

I love love love LOVE music.  Seriously, I really do love it that much.  i love how it can totally make you feel a certain way, like make you feel 100% better if you've had a totally crap day.  I love how it can automatically make you remember a specific moment in your life, because it was on at the time or it has something to do with that moment.  I honestly cannot imagine life without music at all.  it would just be crazy.

Call me old fashioned, but I am a total bookworm.  I've always enjoyed reading, I love the escapism of it all.  I cry quite frequently at books too.  Like the last Harry Potter, or most recently Monsters of Men (I was grieving at the end of that book, no joke).  I also quite frequently envy the characters life :P

I like to smile.  I don't see the point in being miserable.

I will always be thankful for having such good friends :)

Musicals are a big passion of mine.  If i could I'd be involved with them for a living but alas, the world is not kind enough to make that a good enough job in the eyes of my parents.  So I am very content for the time being with being a member of The Apollo Players in Glasgow.  Did West Side Story with them last year, and Gypsy in two weeks.  Love it :D

I talk a lot, and am generally viewed as being quite loud.  I am, but I don't mind.

When I think about it, I am quite a romantic.  I like a guy to make the first move, I like going on little dates, I love the feeling you get when a guy says you're amazing or gorgeous or stuff like that.  And I like to think that a hug really can make everything seem better :)

And finally, I am superbly clumsy.  I don't think a day goes by when i don't trip/stumble/fall/bash/knock into something or someone.  And sometimes even thin air

Thursday, 7 October 2010

i did it! :D

Finally, after going in first year and never going back, I went to Alton Towers with school yesterday.  In first year I was pathetic.  And I really mean it, because I went on NO rides what so ever.  Well, rides yes, but things like the swings and the teacups and (i am ashamed to say it) the squirrell ride.  You see, I'm not the biggest fan of rollercosaters, I always think that the one time I go on them it'll break and we'll all fall off and die.  I'm very paranoid.  So since then I never went on the annual school trip to the place, and stayed in school instead.  Mostly on my own in every class, doing sweet F all.  So this year I thought, right, suck it up and go.  And it did!  I went on every big ride, except 13 (because I couldn't be bothered with it and knew the surprise anyway) and Air, which i was quite gutted about, but when we got there it had a technical problem :(

Anyway, I am VERY proud of myself for conquering my fear of rollercoasters, and now really want to go back and do them all over again! :D

Myself and my looovely mate Steph (who just got a job in Boots- woohoo!)  On the Log Flume.  Because we love it :D

Sunday, 3 October 2010

standing ovation

This week just past I went to see two totally unbelievable pieces of theatre. Seriously, they were amazing.

The first was Black Watch on Wednesday night.  I'd been wanting to check it out for a while, and every single review I'd seen for it had said it was brilliant.  So on a whim my Mum was able to get tickets for me, her and my dad to scoot off to see it that night at the SECC.  And the whole thing was phenominal.  Every single bit of it was totally brilliant acting from start to finish.  It was very very VERY sweary (i don't think a sentence went by without some expletitive in it) but it just felt so ral, and genuine.  you forgot you were watching actors in a play and got lost in the story.  I had some tears in my eyes towards the end too!

Then, on Friday night myself and my Mum went to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake at the Theatre Royal.  Again, I'd heard a lot about the show and had been desparate to see it so was buzzing when my Mum was able to get tickets.  They were in the upper circle, row F or something, but I could see the stage fine so I wasn't too bothered.  And gain, I loved every single moment of it.  The dancing was outstanding - Matthew Bourne is a mastermind.  Of course the music was great, it's a given though.  And the costumes were out of this world.  Simply stunning.  The male swan costume if obviously iconic now but I think my personal  favourite was a purple dress the Queen wore-  very Dior's New Look.
And it was so emotional!  It got really sad towards the end, and I was just holding it together, but the very last second is just utterly heart wrenching, and I almost bawled like a baby.  Almost!

All in all, two stunning shows, which fully deserved the standing ovations they got.

Friday, 1 October 2010

bonjour :)

hey.  my names Megan and on a whim i've decided to start this blog.  i know it won't amount to much and i won't be posting every single day of every week.  but it's something i think i'll enjoy, so here goes.

I don't actually know what will get posted up here.  Just general thought/ideas/things I like/photos.  The usual stuff I guess.  Ahh well, it's something I've thought of doing for a while, so I thought, "why not go out and actually do it?"

And here I am.  Hope you enjoy :)