Friday, 24 June 2011

Rainy Days

Not the most inspiring I know, but what I'm wearing:

Striped top from H&M (Sam will find this funny because this is the staple top I bring if I ever stay over anywhere to throw on the next day)
Leggings from New Look
Grey KNee High Socks from M&S Schoolwear

Frederick Duck for moral support ;D

And a little message to the Man himself, if he's reading.  But he knows what's there already :)

Friday, 17 June 2011

Cocktails in the Sun


Shorts from Republic
Vest top from Topshop
Lace panel top from H&M
Sunglasses from New Look
Charm bracelet and necklace from The Boyfriend :D

I did have skinny jeans on at first with the top, but then the sun came out and so did the shorts.  It's lovely padding about the slabs in my garden in your bare feet, they've soaked up att the sun during the day and are lovely and warm. 

Bottom photo is me with my first home made cocktail- a French Martini.  Sadly, it was a bit on the hellish side, I think me and the Mum will have to brush up on our skills!